Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Brady P. Tells You What


This is Braeden.

I am good.

I am really good.  I have a super good life.

Mommy and Craig love me and I get to play with other kids.  I get to flip my turtle and go for hikes with Mom.  My mom is sweet and she loves me and I love her.

Daddy and Kelsi love me too.  I get to go swimming and drive excavators with Daddy.  I get to play with my little brother Cedar and snuggle with my puppy at night.

I get to eat berries right from the bushes.  Not thimbleberries though.  I give those away.  I just like raspberries and blueberries and bilberries.  They are so yummy.

I get to play outside a lot.  I am getting good at hitting my ball off the tee with a bat.  And pitching to Mommy.  She can hit it far.

I like when it's sunny outside.  Sometimes it's rainy, but that feels nice for a little bit.  Then it gets sunny again.

I get to pee in the bushes.  I am learning how to go pee in the potty, but I like to pee in the bushes better.  Then I can aim on the leaves and watch them wiggle and get them wet.  I am good at aiming at leaves.  There is one heart-shaped leaf that I like to pee on in the yard.  I get it wet every time.

I have a really lot of love to give.  I like to give hugs to show love.  When I see a person walking who looks like they need a hug, I go right up to them and give them a hug.  My mom shouts, "he's going to hug you!" like they might be afraid of me, but I just get good hugs back.  

It's a good way to feel another person's heart.  People love my hugs.  I mostly hug my friends, but sometimes I see a person who I don't know their name, but I feel like I know their heart, so I hug them to see if they remember mine.  I like when they look at me and I can see it in their eyes that they know my love.  They smile a really nice smile.  Sometimes with a tear.  They say it makes their day, and it makes mine too.

I like to eat ice cream.  It is so yummy.  I would eat ice cream all day long, but Mommy won't let me.  Sometimes I have to finish my schoolwork first or listen to Mommy before I get ice cream.  She says it's a treat, not a food.  Sometimes we eat it together.  Craig said that if I go poop on the potty, I will get ice cream no matter what time of day it is.  I did not poop in the potty yet for a while, but I still think about ice cream.

Okay, I got stuff to do, so bye!

Sky diving in his dreams

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