Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Dancing Machine


Wow, did we ever have a day!  I forgot about you until this evening.  No offense.  In a way, that's a good thing.  It means we're enjoying the moment, right?

Well, the moment I realized I forgot was when we were watching Brady P. dance.  I mean totally kick up his heels and bust some moves.

Craig was being the DJ.  He knows what Wee-man likes to hear -- mostly bass guitar.  

So Craig was playing some classics that B has never even heard before (to the best of my knowledge) and B was dancing up a storm.

If I would have had a way to record his routines, I sure would have, but my music and video are on the same device, so... I couldn't.

I will try to describe what we witnessed.

But first let me say that B and I dance a lot.  We have a couple dance parties each week.  At least.  We both love to dance.  But it wasn't until I really watched him tonight, unbridled, that I realized how good he really is.

You know how ballerinas spin and spin and spin and never seem to get dizzy?  He can do that.  He was spinning so fast with quick feet while twirling and swinging his arms around.  Sometimes he was so fast that he was airborne during his twirl.  It was amazing!

Then he would do this move where it looked like he was playing the trombone (I play one sometimes, but not sure if that's where he got it from).  He would pump his fist in and out from his chin while he was twirling, standing and even squatting.

Then he would do this move where he reaches his hands under and through his legs while he is in a squat position.  His head touches the ground.  Then he pulls his arms back through with his hands on the floor and kicks his feet up into a handstand-type move.  Tonight he even did one so high that he held a handstand for a few seconds -- long enough for me to realize he was going to land on his other side, so I could catch him in the air.  It was amazing!

He also did these awesome moves where he would hang onto the book shelf with either one or two hands and throw one leg out to the side or behind him -- and hold it with his head thrown back in this elegant pose.  Outstanding.

He did this other one where he kicks one leg out over and over while balancing on one foot for seconds at a time.  A sure way to impress his physical therapist!  I wish she could have seen him!

He did break dancing butt spins and whole body side rolls.  He did outlandish head bobs with goofy facial expressions.  He even acted out some of the words right after the singer said them -- to songs he never heard before!

And he always, always (since he was two years old) ends it perfectly with a dramatic stop.  How he does that, I just don't know.

I don't even have a good picture to share with you.  Sorry!  He was moving so fast that I couldn't capture it well.

But I hope you got some good visuals.  I will try to capture his moves at some point.  

The kid is impressive to watch.  This is not like watching a five-year-old dance.  It's like watching a gymnast or a ballerina warm up for a show.  We clapped and hooted and complimented his new moves so much that he just kept going.

What a guy.  He is really going to be something someday.

He already is.

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