Wednesday, April 8, 2020



Some of the folks in our town participate in a weekly howl. 

This week, because of the full moon (a full Pink Super Moon on my birthday!), we did it last night.

I would either have had to keep Brady P. up just past his bedtime or try to quick put him to bed and hope he slept through it.

I chose the first option.

To prepare him for this, I told him we'd be howling outside that night like wolves.  He said it sounded scary.  Oh well.  We were going to do it anyway!

My friend Stacia came over to howl with us.  When we heard the "Oooooooooooooo"s echoing through the town, we knew it was time to start. 

Stacia and I howled our hearts out.  So did the fog horns on the foggy lake.  What a cacophony!

Brady P. heard the ruckus and came around the corner to see me howling on a snow bank.  He must have thought it was pretty cool because he asked me to help him climb up.

I did.  But what he did next, I was not prepared for.

Stacia took a few pictures of us howling together, but then she shot this video highlighting the feeling behind his howls.  As you can see from my reactions, I was one proud mama!

(If you are reading this in the email, please go to to see the video.)

And I'll just leave it right there.

Brady P. has the best advice sometimes.

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  1. Happy Birthday Amanda!.. Cheers to a great year ahead of you