Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dancing King


I'm sorry, but our Saturday did not go as planned, so I don't have any pictures of the scene.

I'll tell you about it instead!

Brady P loves to dance.  He also loves to watch live music.  He is so curious about instruments, musicians, sound boards, speakers, etc.

So when Zik's has live music each Saturday night in the snowy months, I have to take him!

We'll walk over, all bundled up, and once he gets inside, he'll run to the end of the room where the musicians are set up.  If they are already playing, he'll start to dance, coat, mittens, hat and all!

If they're still setting up, he will carefully examine every foot pedal on the board -- even if there is only one.  He will push the buttons and turn the knobs, if the musicians let him.

I always make sure that the musicians know who he is, and we feel out their temperament toward letting a 5-year-old fiddle with their buttons and knobs -- totally affecting their sound.  Ha!

The bartender will come over and say hello because she loves him too.  One night she said, "I hope the musicians know that Braeden is in charge of the music here!"

It's true.

He gets people dancing.  He charms people's hearts with his dance moves and curiosity.  He brings in more tips for the musicians.  He learns all the instruments' and musicians' names.

And then, before nine o'clock, he has to go home for bed.  Mom says!

An artsy shot of B lounging in the lounge one day

I have had random visitors, locals and musicians tell me that my son made their night because he is so precious.  I mean, how can I do all these people a disfavor by keeping him home???

As long as we are both feeling good, we can go.  So we go.  To feed his curiosity and show off his moves.

One night, he busted out this sweet backspin move followed by an on-the-back full body wiggle.  The crowd went wild!

And on many nights, I have watched the musicians stare straight at him while they sang or played their guitar or drums.  I swear, they are either inspired by him or playing for him. 

That means a lot to me.  He inspires me every day!

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  1. I’m a live music fanatic so I can surely relate to Brady P! It’s great that you help feed his fascination whenever you can. I’ve never seen live music at Zik’s but I’d love to watch him perform his magic.