Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Video Memories

I think it was Friday before I realized I forgot to post on Wednesday.

But Wednesday was Christmas.  I was in Wisconsin with my family and even extended family that I haven't seen in years. I drank a couple Old Fashioneds and walked around with bells on my shoes. 

I was being so merry that I forgot about you.  Sorry!

So here are some highlights from our holiday.  It sure was a banger of a Christmas time.  As someone who doesn't have a real Christmas tradition, I never know what we're going to encounter year to year.

But this year was pretty special!

(If you are reading this on the automated email, please click onto the blog page, so you can see the videos.)

That first video is a visit from Santa.  I was shocked that Braeden was so excited and warm to the jolly man.  He wouldn't go near him at Winter Wonderfest, but maybe he felt safer at Nana and Grampy's house.

One of wee man's gifts was a microphone/music playing stereo. It's sweet.  We even figured out to turn it into a karaoke machine!  I don't have permission to show you those videos, but let me just say that when Nana sang Super Trooper like she was on stage, my dad and I almost peed our pants.

This next video is an example of what Brady P. does with a microphone.  He starts to say the names of dinosaurs in alphabetical order.  Whaaaaaaaat?  What 5-year-old knows a dinosaur name for each letter of the alphabet in order?

Brady P. Pie Rogers does.

He is a genius.

Here's a snippet.

So we had family and friends over every day for four days in a row.  That's a lot of homemade wine sampling.  That's a lot of meals.  And at each meal, Brady P. would look at people, one by one, and say, "EAT!"

The accused non-eater would say "I'm eating!" through a mouthful of ham or meatballs or pie or whatever was being chewed.  We chuckled at his love for bossing people around.

But then we turned the table on him.

When all four grandparents were sharing a meal (a beautiful thing in itself) we all pointed to little man and told him to eat.  His reaction was priceless!  We all cracked up with tears in our eyes.

Here is a replication of that moment.  His reaction was the same, but you can never quite capture the surprise and humor of an original moment.

That little boy.  He sure knows how to command an audience!

Well, I hope you have some wonderful memories yourself.  By gosh, by golly, have yourself a joyous new year.

Happy 2020!

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