Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Balancing Act

So today's post is a tough one.

For one, it's a stinking' blizzard out there to the point that most people just planned on not driving anywhere except maybe to catch a glimpse of the lake.  Plus, the power is out in the harbor.

I'm seeing at least an inch of snow fall per hour in Hancock.

The other tough part is that little Brady P. is with his dad and grandparents in Wisconsin, so I don't really have a cool update.

I can tell you about how I felt before he left, though.

It was different for me.

Before Brady P. was in school, we share darn near most every day together.  All day everyday.  For a mom with dreams other than to raise a child who needed extra attention, it was frustrating.  For a boy who just wanted his mama to do everything he wanted her to do with him and hopefully see the people sometimes, it was boring.

But now, with him in school 5 days a week, we have a balance.  A lovely balance.

I am so excited to see him after school.  I feel like I have the time and energy to dedicate to him on a whole new level.  Sure, Brade, let's play catch for an hour.  Let's sink it for an hour.  Let's do three puzzles in a row.  Let's dance to all the same Beach Boys songs again.

And I cherish it.

All of it.

Because there is balance.

In fact, I now cherish that time together so much, that I actually fretted sending him off to his grandparents' house for over a week.  Don't get me wrong, I know that they will be absolutely wonderful to him.  But he is such a big part of my purpose, that I cried about missing him three times before he even left.

P. Pie and Gramps in their backwards Stormy Kromers

Before he left!

That never happened before.

If you are a parent, you can relate that you need balance and that your child is a part of you and they bring you joy and all that good stuff.

Yes, I know the break is good for everybody.

But Braeden Philip Rogers has such a tender heart that tears well up as I type about it.  He is one of the sweetest little beings I have ever met.

He gives me smooches on my arm when I help him get dressed.  He gives me smooches on my leg when we do his homework.  He smooches my lips and hugs me good morning.

It takes a lot of my energy to give him all that he needs each day, but the rewards have become priceless.  I mean, who wouldn't want those sweet little smooches throughout the day?

And I know that now he's gone smooching Grammy.  But that's okay.  She more than deserves it.  I would smooch her too, if I was there!

Perhaps that's all for now.  You enjoy your day of eating too much food and hopefully being grateful for all that you are, all that you have and all that you can be.

That motto gets you anywhere, my friend.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Amanda!.. and thank you for your ongoing passion & honesty as you post your heart from da Harbor. I’m pretty sure you’ll make the most of your holidays with or without Brady P. I can tell you that the balancing act you feel continues as children grow older, move away and craft their lives on their own. The tender upbringing that we supply early on will always be with them, wherever they roam. You’re doing as good a job as anyone in providing this to Brady P and you should be very proud.