Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Family Expansion Pack

I'm going to get a little personal here.  

A little sappy even.  

I cried a few times when I wrote this one.  Perhaps we really have to feel our wounds in order to find deep gratitude.

I am grateful for my family.

Whether you know Brady P. and me personally, have been following our journey for years or are just joining, let me explain something about our family.

Aaron (Braeden's dad) and I separated two years ago.  Wow.  It's been two years?  We did the divorce and the whole thing.  

Brady P. lives with me pretty much full time.  He hangs out with his dad on weekends in the summertime while Aaron is  in Copper Harbor.  In the winter, they get to see each other during holidays, when weather travel permits or when we go for our annual Arkansas visit.

I just spoke about three people.  Only three.  Aaron, Braeden and me.

But our family is bigger than that.  And when people get divorced, it's like the families get divorced.  I can honestly say that I love the people in Aaron's family.  The Rogers side and the Zimmer side.  They are wonderful people, and we have had so much fun together!

I haven't seen most of them for that two years, and I miss them a lot.  Luckily, Brady P. gets to be a part of their family, so they can watch him grow up, and he can melt their hearts.

One of these days, I hope to show up at their Thanksgiving, though, because we always have a grand time!

Now here are the parts that I am really, truly grateful for.  With every cell of my being.

  • Aaron and I are very civil with each other.
  • Aaron's mom is still one of my very bestest friends!!!
  • My parents and Aaron's parents still enjoy spending time together.
  • Aaron's fiancĂ© and I get along really well!
  • Brady P. gets to watch us all share love and friendship.

Braeden with both Grammies!

Doesn't that make your heart smile?  It does mine!

I am so grateful for the little boy who came into our lives, full of unconditional love, to show us what really is important in this life.  We are all better because of it.

And do you want to know a beautiful thing?  Brady P. gets to be a big brother!!!

I am so excited that he gets to have a sibling!  I always wanted him to be a big brother, but I certainly didn't want it to come from me.  I'm so over it!

So, congratulations and thank you to Aaron and Kelsi for making Braeden into a big brother (coming this winter!).  Brady P. and Kelsi both think it's a girl.  I love it when Braeden says, "sister," when I ask him who's in Kelsi's belly.  

That little sister is a HUGE gift to Braeden.  I cried for a solid hour after I found out.  He deserves it so much!

Not only is this family, ever-expanding as it will be, always there for us when we need them and supportive in the ways they know how to be best, they still love and respect each other.

That is a gift as wonderful as a little sister.

Thank you to all my family, near and far.  You have helped to make us who we are.

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  1. How beautiful. I am honored to call you my friend. -Mo