Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Birthday Boy!

So there's this cute little boy who just turned 5.


Yup.  We got ourselves a five year old.  And he is cool as heck.

So cool that his grandparents, dad and I threw him a big party and invited the whole town!

My main goal in inviting the whole town was to say thank you to this wonderful community for always supporting us.  Brady P. and I couldn't live here year-round if it wasn't for all the help we get from friends and neighbors.

So cheers to you!

Brady P. had a blast, and so did the other kids who came!  Between the score-keeping arcade basketball shooting game, dance ribbons at the top of the stairs, balloons, bubbles amongst the snowflakes, apple pressing in the park and cake and ice cream, I never heard one kid say they were bored.


And Braeden got lots of presents.  People sure love him!  Here is a picture of his typical face when he opened them.  What a ham!


Well, back to life as we know it.  Now I just have to reorganize all the toys in this place!

We are truly blessed.  In all the ways.

Have a wonderful night!

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