Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Hodgepodge

Happy Wednesday!

What's up for today?  

A hodgepodge.

I shared this on Facebook today.  I've been seeing these facts  -- one for each day of October -- on a friend's timeline who also has a son with Down syndrome.  This one just hit me enough to share.

It's so true for me.  But I can also see how it has affected the rest of Brady P's family, his friends, his classmates and our community.

His extra chromosome brings that acceptance and love we are trying to share with the world.

Brady P. and I have been taking walks around town in the sunshine.  I just laugh because he takes the same route each time unless I can convince (or trick) him into going a different way.

A creature of habit to the max, I tell ya.

Looking through Third Street Dock

Tomorrow is Halloween.  The kids have a party at school, then Trick-or-Treating ensues in the evening.  I'm excited about it!

Wee Man picked our costumes this year.  He is going to be a ghost, however, he doesn't like wearing his costume... and I am supposed to be a zombie.  When I cut up my clothes for my costume, tried them on and walked out of my room like a zombie to see Braeden, he shook his head and said "no!" and ran to the front door.  Trapped.

So I had to turn back into mom and ask if he liked my costume.  "Yes!" he said.

We should have some pics of being all dressed up for next time.

And now we'll end it with a video that I cropped a bit too much.  Sorry.  

It starts with me saying "Johnny Johnny," but I think there's only one Johnny in there.  

I'm so proud of how he is coming along with his words.  We will often reverse roles on the parts.  He can do them both.  And if there is a crowd, he recites it with arm motions and expression so grand that you'd think he was reenacting a Shakespeare play!

Get it, boyeee!

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