Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Ummmm, wow!

Thanks so much for all the encouragement, support and praise for little Brady P. and his team!  I still shed a couple tears when I read that last post, but it surprised me that other people did too.  

You're feelin' me.  I dig it.

Well, so far, so good at school.  It definitely takes a lot out of him, but that means he is putting a lot in.  Now it's just my job to deal with a wreck of a boy at the end of the day, and I can do that.  That's nothing new!

Because he (usually) wakes up the next morning ready to do it again.

I have not had a chance to talk extensively to the teacher or his aids about all the details of his day, but things should be a little less hectic for everyone soon enough, and hopefully we can share it with you.  If anything, parent/teacher conferences are in November.  I know they will come to me with any issues prior to that.

Soooo, do you want to know how I am doing?

Even if you don't, too bad.  Because it's my turn.

I am doing absolutely amazing!

I wake up, get him ready for school, buckle him on the bus, wave goodbye, then turn around and bounce up my front steps.  From there I can do whatever I want.

I mean ANYTHING!!!

Well, as long as I'm back by 2:30!

I can go back to sleep, I can meditate, I can clean my kitchen, I can write, I can do my art, I can visit friends, I can go to the garden, I can dance to MY songs, I can go out for an adventure.  Anything.

Yesterday, I went to town by myself.  Let me tell you what that means in comparison to going with wee man.

I got my list ready (it was a full day), my purse, water, coffee and snacks.  I did NOT pack a diaper bag, double check its contents, make sure he was sufficiently fed first, change a poopy diaper last minute, wonder how he was going to do on the hour drive there and back and all our stops in between.

The drive went smooth for me.  I meditated and processed life.  I did NOT have to keep saying, "Braeden, what do you need?  Sweetie, we are almost there!  No, I'm not playing animal songs right now, it's the radio.  Would you like another fruit strip?  Did you just throw your water?  Now you can't have a drink until we get there."

I went to all my shopping places, appointment and errands with just a purse in my hand.  I did however, notice every single other mom who had her kids with her (even a dad or two) and I felt a compassion for them that I hadn't known bef0re.  Because now I am on the other side.  Now I can see it -- I'm not swimming in it.  I did NOT have to calmly struggle to get his stiff, unyielding legs into a shopping cart, wonder if he was going to make it through the next place, sing him songs to soothe him through a store, buckle his rigid body in and out of the car seat a dozen times, stop for food when he was hungry or wonder when or if he was going to fall asleep on the way home.

So it was a peaceful trip.  

I missed him in places, of course, because he always says hi to people, and it is so stinkin' sweet.  But the freedom is unreal.  And I will get to do that each time, unless he has his own appointment.

Thank you, school.  For giving my little man a worthwhile place to be during the day, and giving me the freedom to sort my life out and start moving forward again.

Ahhhh, forward.

I am grateful!

Thanks for reading all my mumbo jumbo!  Here's a video that shows how tough this little man is.  Have a great week!

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