Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Brady P. is in kindergarten.  What comes with legitimate school enrollment?


Luckily, we worked in his book all summer, so he is used to sitting down with me, his pencil and some pages to mark.

He even kind of enjoys his homework, but maybe that's because I started offering him a reward after he does it all.

Yesterday afternoon was hot, so I promised him ice cream.  It totally worked!

The latest homework was a math pretest.  Man, he is so smart. I believe he really understands what's going on when an adult asks him to solve the problems and count and so on. He struggles with making the correct symbols, but at least he puts the pencil to the paper, can make a line in the correct direction and can make a circle.

So I guided him through the pretest (the test is today!), and he paid attention for the most part.  But when he didn't, I asked him, "Braeden, do you want ice cream?"

"Yeah!" he chirped.

"Then please count these balloons."  Or please do whatever the next question asks for.  You get it.  It's total bribery.

Is that wrong?

Well, he did three pages of homework, and then we went out for ice cream as a reward and not just a treat he may otherwise take for granted.  So, no.  I don't think so.

Kids need to feel a little motivation to get through things they don't necessarily want to do.  Heck, even adults do!

Do you reward yourself for getting through hard projects or tasks?  This world is full of them, and sometimes it's nice to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel (for lack of a better cliche).

I don't always reward myself for getting through the day, but I am fortunate to get to do mostly things I like throughout the day.  I choose them.

Even cleaning!  I spent most of the morning deep cleaning and reorganizing my house starting in one corner and working on because I just had a good deep cleaning of my heart and soul.  Now my house needs to match! 

But then, for me, the reward is the Feng shui-ness of an organized and functional home.

Here is a picture of my progress today so far.

Just kidding!  That's so boring for you!

Here is a picture of Brady P. eating ice cream at the general store on the bench because that is a habit he will not give up.  If we get ice cream, we HAVE to eat it on the bench.  

Ice cream face commences!

Enjoy your day!  And if nothing else, give yourself a pat on the back and say, "Nice job, me!  I made it through another day!"

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  1. I love reading your blog(s)!!!
    Your plate is full and you handle it like a champ.
    Love that little guy of yours!