Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Chariot Rider

Oh, my gosh.  Is it Wednesday already?

Somebody might need to remind me of that until Brady P. starts school in three weeks because we've just been enjoying each minute of these last days of summer.

Yeah.  I said it.

The nights are getting cooler.  I can tell what's coming.

But it's all going to be okay.  I don't think we'll have any regrets from this summer.  It's probably been the best one ever!

One thing we started doing is going on longer bike rides together.  I'll let him tell you about it.


Hi.  This is Braeden.  I'm really cool.

Sometimes I go for a bike ride with my mom.  I get in my chariot behind the bike.  I can crawl in all by myself.  I am really proud to do it.

I sit inside really nice and mommy buckles me in.  Then she puts on my helmet.  I am really cool when I wear my helmet.  I can knock on it with my hand and it sounds loud.  

But sometimes I take it off while I'm in there.  Mommy gets mad and puts it back on.  She tries to be nice about it because she has hers on too, so we are both cool.  And safe.

Then she takes me up the hill.  It's a little slow because it's up a hill.  But I like to watch the trees and bushes and flowers go by.  I can see through my chariot really good.  

The way down is better, though.  I like that we can go fast sometimes.  If I had my way, we would go fast all the time.  When I learn to ride a bike, I will ride really fast.

Some roads are bumpy.  I don't like that.  It's too much bumping around, and sometimes I drop my snack.  But mom will say that we're almost there, and I try to wait.  It's hard to wait sometimes, especially when I want to get out and walk.

She doesn't let me walk much when she rides her bike because I take too many breaks and don't always go the way mommy says.  But sometimes I can walk and she will pop wheelies for me.  Like when we eat berries off the trail.  They are really yummy and I'm good at finding them.

Okay, but now it's time to throw rocks, so see ya! 

Picture coming soon!  If I forget, remind me!!!

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