Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Boo Boo Song

Brady P. goes through his favorite songs and obsessions.  For the last month or two, it's been the "Boo Boo Song."

Here's a video of it, so you can get the tune.  If you actually watch the whole thing, the ending is pretty cute.

The way this obsession manifests is quite interesting.

Every time Braeden gets a boo boo, he says, "Ahhh!  Boo boo!" and then I (or whoever else is around) has to kiss it.  Life cannot resume as normal until someone kisses his boo boo.

"Does it feel better now?" I'll ask.  

"Yes," he says, and gets up like nothing happened.  Unless it leaves a big mark.  Then he won't leave it alone.

I'll let him tell you a little about it.

* * *

Hi.  This is Braeden.

I am really cool.  Sometimes I get a boo boo.  Like when I fall down or bump into something.  I feel it hit my body right away, so I look at the spot where I got hurt to see if there is a mark.

Sometimes it's a white scrape.  Sometimes it's red.  Sometimes the rocks and dirt stick to it.

It needs a kiss.  Even if it doesn't hurt, it needs a kiss.  That part of my body needs to know that it's going to be okay with a kiss.  Mommy and Grammy always kiss my owies for me.

Sometimes I give myself an owie by hitting my arm with a rock.  Mommy says that's not nice and she won't kiss it.  She says that if I hurt myself on purpose then I have to kiss it myself.

I am good at finding boo boos on other people too.  The people I spend time with always have boo boos to kiss and fix.  Right now Mommy has one on her arm and I kiss it lots of times each day.  She says it's getting better.  I know my kisses are helping.

I like to listen to the Boo Boo Song.  It's funny at the end when the Daddy hurts his thumb then he cries like the kids.  

When Mommy brushes my teeth at night, she sings me the Boo Boo Song, and I get to pick which body part we sing about.

Okay.  Bye!

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  1. Very cute Amanda, I would have never ever seen this if not for you and Braeden! Thank You