Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sweet Reunion

So it happened.

I got to see Brady P. again!

This was not the longest that I have ever gone without seeing him, but it felt like the longest.  For both of us.

Do you know that feeling when you long for the person you put so much energy into?  The person who feels like your purpose in life?  The person who returns all your labors with unconditional love?

It's hard to be away from them, isn't it?

Lucky for me, I got to see my person again.

It was 11 days since I saw him last.  It was nearing the end of full day number one of Women's Weekend in Copper Harbor -- an intense mountain bike event that I help coach at.  I was jogging down to the Mariner for our social event in an attempt to stay out of the looming rain.

But I didn't want to be social.  I wanted to give my little boy a hug so bad.  I didn't want to talk to anybody else except Brady P.  I caught wind that he arrived in town that afternoon, but I didn't know where exactly to find him, and I didn't have time to search.

Between my heavy footsteps, I heard a woman's voice ask, "Is that Amanda?"  In my current state, I didn't even want to look.  I thought it was a lady I would see in just a couple minutes anyway.

However, when I looked across the street, I saw Aaron's fiance, Grammy and little Brady P!!!

I don't remember what I shouted, if anything, but I sure remember how I felt!  I couldn't believe he was right there in hugging range!

Thank you to the angel on my shoulder who reminded me to look both ways before I crossed the road, so I didn't get hit because I was ready to B-line it to my B-man.

I ran across the street with wings on my feet, and I watched his face just beam as he shouted, "Mommy!!!"

It was like one of those slow-motion parts in a movie when two people reunite.

I scooped him into my arms and laid on the grass gripping him to my chest.  Tears rolled into my hair as I cried how much I missed him and how much I love him.

He hugged me so tight and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips.  "Mama!" he said again and held me close.  Then I got another sweet kiss and I felt him petting my cheek.  

My heart officially melted.

Oh, that sweet boy!  

Our ground hug sustained through one more sweet kiss and more face petting and me sobbing while squeezing him so tight.

Then he got up and almost ran across the road like a little stinker.

I couldn't believe it.  I got to see my little boy!  Hooray!  That's just what this mama needed to be able to move on with the day's activities.

We've been having fun since then, and I find that I have  a little more room to make him even more of a priority.

We cleaned out the pool the other day, and he helped me fill it back up!  I am so proud of my little helper.

Pool boy!

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