Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sir Slips-a-Lot

We don't have a lot of snow right now.

But we have had some nice, smooth frozen puddles -- perfect for sliding on.

I've been trying to teach Braeden the different textures of the ground the past couple winters.  

Snow, ice and dry road.

I know I've mentioned that before, but he has a new affinity for the ice.

He knows that it makes him fall down, and it's hard to get back up.  So he flounders.  He pretends to not be able to get up at all, actually.

It's hilarious for us both.

He just giggles and cracks up as he spins around and around on the ice.  Flipping over and squealing. 

I haven't been lucky enough to capture this ice capade on video, but I did record the time that started it all.

That time he came inside the house after walking through the snow in his cowboy boots.  He had some snow caked on the soles, so he instantly slipped on the wooden floor.

And he couldn't get up.

My biggest regret about this video is that I was laughing too loud and I overpowered his laugh -- one of the cutest sounds on the planet.

But I will say no more about the scene, so you can watch for yourself.

Well, I just wanted to make you smile today. I hope it worked!

1 comment:

  1. The smile generator sure worked... and he was loving it all the way! Thanks Amanda