Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The "Path" to School

I like to keep life fun.

Like each day when Brady P. goes to school.

I pull him in the sled.  The little red sled.

You'll have to imagine how cute he is all bundled up in his blue snow suit with his football hat and snowflake scarf on with his shark backpack in the front by his feet because I did not get a picture before he left for Thanksgiving break.

But he is stinkin' cute.

So here's the fun part for me.

I've been making a path.  

We take the same way every time, so I can get a little trail panked in the snow. 

If we are in a hurry to get to school (and we often are!), I'll pull him along the snow-covered road, so I can fling him in front of me as I run.  As his sled slows down, I make a ninja sound before I give him another yank in front of me, so he knows to hang on tight.

It's pretty fun.  He loves it.  

And when I laboriously hoof it up the driveway to the school, he shouts "Alalalala!" with his mittened index finger thrusted into the air like the leader of a brigade instructing his troops to commence forth with speed and force.  

He just wants me to go faster.

I laugh at the monster I created and tease him because, hey, I'm going uphill!  Who does he think I am, Super Mom?


On the way home, we have more time, so we take the fun way.  

The "path."

I only quote the word path because once it snows or the wind blows, we are essentially starting over.  But I have not lost sight of the path yet.

We skirt down around the school building, and he has to hang on tight because the ground is so uneven that he often tips over right there.  He is learning to lean, though.

Then we follow the level path that traverses the playground.  The part I love most about that is how we cross the sled marks from recess that day.  

Sledding at recess.  What a cool place to go to school.  

Then we wind around the fence area, which is also off kilter from the swirling snow.  But he does a good job hanging on there.

After another public driveway, we enter the park.

Last week or two, a big UPPCO truck drove into the park.  They used the boom to put Christmas lights on the tall cedar trees.  I just follow the tracks the tires made as our path to cut across the park to the sidewalk around the community building.

From there we slide next to the sidewalk because it is shoveled pretty well, and sleds don't slide on cement.

Sometimes we'll stop in to the post office to check the mail.  

Then it's off to cross the street and carry on along the road in front of The Pines Resort until we get to our driveway.

It's really a lovely time.  I love the workout and Brady P. likes the ride.  When we take the sled out for a walk around town, he likes to pull the sled himself.

Then I get to shout, "Alalalala!"

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