Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Those Eyes

Just look at those eyes.
In his element

Those little, almond eyes plunked right in the middle of that beautiful, muddy face.

I now know what lies behind those eyes.








And a longing for acceptance and love in order to feel whole.

Before Braeden came into my life, I would see those eyes on any person with Down syndrome and look away.

Those eyes were not right to me.

Something was wrong with them.

They were too little.  There was nothing meaningful behind them, I thought.  

I was stopping right at the physical "face value" of them, and turning away, my heart hardening more each time.

But now I see those eyes in a whole different way.  I know that they look smaller from the outside.  I understand that that is a test for the onlooker.

Because, in order to feel the magnitude of love behind them, is to cast judgement aside, and look into them.

Not at them.

Into them fully.

And see the soul of a magnificent individual.  See the soul of all souls.  

See myself for who I am.

Before I was scared to see who I really was.  That was why I always looked away.

But I can't look away from my own son.  I am forced to learn.

Now I purposely dive into those eyes in order to scour my own heart for any other impurities.  

Brady P. shows me who I really am.  He shows everyone who they really are, if they look.

Through his wise, little eyes.

Thank you, Brady P.  We love you.

And happy birthday, you little 4-year-old!

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