Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Big Spirit, Little Body


So this is actually what I wanted to write about last week before it morphed into, well, what it turned into.

Braeden has this presence.

Where ever we go. 

He walks into a waiting room or a restaurant or the store like he owns the place.    He nonchalantly waves hi and makes sure everyone waves back.  He acts like every person in there already knows and loves him.  Which is ironic because, whether the people in those places know him or not, they feel his spirit.  It is exuberant to the point that his presence takes over people’s hearts – whether they are aware of it at the time or not.  

They are captivated.  To the core.

They are suddenly overwhelmed by a satisfaction, peace and joy that was not there before that soft, yet genuine little voice waved “hi.”

I usually hear people, whether we know them or not, comment about him.  Whether they think he is cute or precious or beautiful or extra special, they will comment.  It fills my heart, as that is confirmation on my suspicions about how he reaches people just by being himself.

Just this past weekend I had encounters with a couple of my  blog readers.  People I don’t know, but people that feel they know us because, well, I just put it all out there, you know?

But they are also people who have been deeply touched by my writing and Brady P's charm.  That is incredible to me because that combination is what is going to help save the world.  With the sweet note I got and the big hug Braeden got from two complete "strangers," I can see that it's already working.

That is big.  Because Braeden's spirit is big.  It is huge.

Even when it's just the two of us home together, I can feel his presence vastly.  It seems to fill the room and bust out of the walls.  It fills my being and has already changed me from the moment we first locked eyes.

So here is the ironic part. 

I feel my house exploding with Brady P-ness.  Like he is this incredible super hero with his own gravitational force and moons.  And when I turn to look at him, to see the actual amount of mass he takes up on this planet, I am most often astounded.

He is so little.  

He is physically so small.  He wears size 18 month pants.  He weighs roughly 26 pounds.  I can palm his noggin like a  grapefruit.  His fingers look like little nubbins sometimes.

He has an undeniably tiny body.

And I don't know why, but I am surprised each time I realize how small he is because it is such a contrast from his impact in this world.  

It almost seems impossible.

But there he is.  Just a little nugget, changing the world with one hug, one smile and one little "hi" at a time.

Practicing his headstand...
Upside-down and tiny

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